Francis Allen Nicholls developing future entertainment

Blender Renders

Android Studio Projects

CS:GO Maps



Defusal Map for CS:GO set in a south American nuclear facility.



Hostage Map for CS:GO set in one of the great pyramids.



Hostage Map set in a peacefull village near the woods.



Defusal Map for CS:GO set on a moon orbiting Mars.

Unity Games

Casual Game for Android / iOS

Atoms 2020

Have a go at hitting Atoms and fun-damental particles.

Over 100 Levels.

RPG for Android

Son Of God 2020

RPG on Android where you play the character known as Daiga, the son of God, on a mission to learn from his sins in the unterworld.

Story wirtten by Roman Gfeller.

PC Exclusive

Weed World 2020

A fun PC Game about growing weeds all across
the globe.

PC Exclusive

Trial Of A Gangster

A visual novel for PC set in a dysopian Russia
based on the story by Roman Gfeller. Online Exclusive


This online game was made for the weekly game jam 119. This gives a twist to the given topic: Tamagotchi. As a human named: Bob you will have to escape this evil Tamagotchi which has trapped you in its gameworld.


Unity Apps

Brands AR

This App allows you to detect brands using your camera, which instantly gives you any stats, videos or weblinks.

Powered by Vuforia.


Shirt AR

This App allows you to print out a QR Code you can stick on to your clothes to have a preview of another type of shirt.

This project is currently still under developement.


Pocket Diamond AR

Keep a diamond in your pocket. Keep it clean
and sparkling and show it to your friends
on any surface.